Sunday, June 14, 2009

funn weekend!!

okay so my aunt got four free tickets to go to a Kenny Chesney concert in Chicago on Saturday night. && me and my friend stacia babysat my little cousins because stacia's mom went to the concert too. babysitting was actuall pretty fun! we went to the park, and before that we were playing house, i was the mom and i had two babies. so we took them to the park in this HUGE stroller haaa. and everybody was starring. lmaooo. so funny! i got a shirt from the concert and so did my friend. that was our pay haha. today on the way home we stopped at an oasis and i got a sub from subway and me and stacia got starbucks for the first time. it was SO yummmyy! we got double chocolate chip cream or something like that. it tasted like a brownie shake. haha. fun times! oh and on the way home we stopped at a mall, but it didn't open until 11! so my mom is taking me and stacia to two malls this week.
peace (:

Thursday, June 11, 2009


today my friend Stacia and I woke up and ate a donut, got ready, and went outside some. than we had to take her home around 10 because i was helping my babysitter at her daycare. the little girls and these two babies are ah-dorable! and well the boys are just annoying haha! i was talking to my babysitter and she said we should go shopping sometime with me, her, and my mom. than jasmine, this little girl was like, i will come too after my nap okay? hahaaa! hilarious. i luhve that little girlieee. and emily this other girl is so cute too! she said when she grows up she will be a mommy and a ballerina. awww! how ah-dorable. so anyways, today was fun.
peace (:

last night :P

last night my best friend stacia came over. we had a BLAST!! when she got to my house around 12 yesterday we rode my bikes to the park. we walked around for a little bit than went back to my house. we played softball with a tennis ball and it was really funn! i lost two of my balls because they went so far. one went in my neighbors yard which is fenced in, and one went on my other neighbors roof. hahaaa. than that night we roasted marshmallows and had a HUGE water fight! we took the hose and just sprayed eachother until we were soaking wet. lmao. than we went inside and started texting stacia's cousin, miki. she was hanging out with this dude named josh and he started texting us too. so we were like texting him until 3:30. we didn't even know him but whatever. so yeah last night was a blast!!!
peace (:

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


hahaa. i'm easting a red popsicle right now. it's really yummyy!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

idkk what to title this...:S

today i got up around 9:30. than i got on here until like ten. at around 10:30 i went to the library, wasn't open, so i came back later and got a mag. when i got back from my second trip to the boringg library i mowed the backyard. after that i tanned for about an hour, while i was tanning my friend ashleyy called and asked me to hang out. so i went over there until 4:00ish. after that was just kinda boringg. so you could say my day was pretty un-eventfull...again. haha. well my friend is coming over tomorrow. pretty excited. now i'm off to go watch a movie.
peace (:

Monday, June 8, 2009

softball game (:

well tonight i had a softball game and it was really fun. as soon as my mom got home from work we went out to eat in the town where the game was because it was an away game. i got chicken strips and coke. hahaa. then i got to the game and noticed i forgot my glove. so whoever was sitting on the bench, i had to borrow their glove. i played catcher the whole game, and that was the first time i had ever caught. i usually play shortstop. i borrowed this really small glove and when i caught this one pitch it hurt my finger SO baad! and it still hurts now. anyways, we ended up winning the game by 2 points. we had them held by 12 points, but then they started catching up. than i went home and took a shower. now i'm here. haha.
peace (:

good morning (:

heyy everybody. i just got up and washed my face, ate breakfast, blah blah blah. so i think today will be a pretty un-eventful day. but whatever.
peace (:

Sunday, June 7, 2009

ordinary ol' daay.

so today was jsut normal. i got up, ate a bagel, took a shower, blaaah blaaah blaaah. than i went to church. after mass, i went to the mall. my mom got her nails done because she's going to this concert, so i got to walk around the mall. i couldn't find anythingg that i really wanted, so i went to go sit with my mommy. she told me to go to aero, so i did and got undies, belts, and a tank top. so yeaah than we went home, i cleaned, ate dinner, helped my mom some, than got on the computer. so that was my funnish day. haha (:

P.S. i forgot to mention i'm new here. lol.