Monday, June 8, 2009

softball game (:

well tonight i had a softball game and it was really fun. as soon as my mom got home from work we went out to eat in the town where the game was because it was an away game. i got chicken strips and coke. hahaa. then i got to the game and noticed i forgot my glove. so whoever was sitting on the bench, i had to borrow their glove. i played catcher the whole game, and that was the first time i had ever caught. i usually play shortstop. i borrowed this really small glove and when i caught this one pitch it hurt my finger SO baad! and it still hurts now. anyways, we ended up winning the game by 2 points. we had them held by 12 points, but then they started catching up. than i went home and took a shower. now i'm here. haha.
peace (:

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