Sunday, June 14, 2009

funn weekend!!

okay so my aunt got four free tickets to go to a Kenny Chesney concert in Chicago on Saturday night. && me and my friend stacia babysat my little cousins because stacia's mom went to the concert too. babysitting was actuall pretty fun! we went to the park, and before that we were playing house, i was the mom and i had two babies. so we took them to the park in this HUGE stroller haaa. and everybody was starring. lmaooo. so funny! i got a shirt from the concert and so did my friend. that was our pay haha. today on the way home we stopped at an oasis and i got a sub from subway and me and stacia got starbucks for the first time. it was SO yummmyy! we got double chocolate chip cream or something like that. it tasted like a brownie shake. haha. fun times! oh and on the way home we stopped at a mall, but it didn't open until 11! so my mom is taking me and stacia to two malls this week.
peace (:

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