Thursday, June 11, 2009

last night :P

last night my best friend stacia came over. we had a BLAST!! when she got to my house around 12 yesterday we rode my bikes to the park. we walked around for a little bit than went back to my house. we played softball with a tennis ball and it was really funn! i lost two of my balls because they went so far. one went in my neighbors yard which is fenced in, and one went on my other neighbors roof. hahaaa. than that night we roasted marshmallows and had a HUGE water fight! we took the hose and just sprayed eachother until we were soaking wet. lmao. than we went inside and started texting stacia's cousin, miki. she was hanging out with this dude named josh and he started texting us too. so we were like texting him until 3:30. we didn't even know him but whatever. so yeah last night was a blast!!!
peace (:

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